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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Maths Tricks with Numbers : Squaring a Number

Trick 1:Quick Square
Step1: If you need to square a 2 digit number ending in 5, you can do so very easily with this trick.
Step2: Mulitply the first digit by itself + 1, and put 25 on the end.
Step3:That is all!
Step4: Ex:25 ie(2*(2+1))&25


Trick 2: Multiply by 5
Step1: Take any number, then divide it by 2
Step2:If the result is whole, add a 0 at the end.
Step3: If it is not, ignore the remainder and add a 5 at the end.
Step4: 2682 x 5 = (2682 / 2) & 5 or 0
Step5:2682 / 2 = 1341 (whole number so add 0)
Step7:Let’s try another:5887 x 5,2943.5 (fractional numbers (ignore remainder, add 5)

Answer: 29435

Trick 3: Tough Multiplication
Step1: If you have a large number to multiply and one of the numbers is even, you can easily subdivide to get to the answer
Step2:Ex:32 x 125, is the same as: 16 x 250 is the same as: 8 x 500 is the same as: 4 x 1000 = 4,000

Trick 4: Subtracting from 1,000
Step1:To subtract a large number from 1,000 you can use this basic rule: subtract all but the last number from 9, then subtract the last number from 10:
Step3: subtract 6 from 9 = 3
Step4: subtract 4 from 9 = 5
step5: subtract 8 from 10 = 2

Answer: 352

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

The Current State of Indian Politics

Hi Folks,

After a very long long long time, i relieved myself to meet you all :).. and now we are all almost who reads this blog are 18 years and above. Not only you are vote-able, you are notable too now in the society..! Believe me any one who meets you will always ask you what is your marks in the last semester if you are undergoing studies and if you work, you will be getting the question : what is your salary and most importantly is that a govt sector or private sector you work in..!? So my dear fellow friends get ready for that. Why am I speaking all these rubbish you might think. you need to read the passage once again from the first and you will find the word "VOTE-ABLE".

As we grow through your ages you need to know about the leaders who rule us, because this is what the basic mantra of Democracy, where people need to know who, what, why they have the rulers and whats their current agenda. and why do we need to know this..? Because we need to get ruled by an eligible and  eminent ruler. How do we get such a ruler...?! Well we need to vote and elect that eligible and  eminent ruler. How to find out who the hell is eligible and eminent politico out there. To find out who is that, lets take two examples and this is what happens in real life incident.

Click here to view the Original Source

So the next time when you vote, just think for a second, if i elect a guy, will he be able to set a standard living standard for you. Thats where you will find out who is the real good guy or the most appropriate.. :)

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Nilam Cyclone

Hi folks,

I take immense pleasure in welcoming the Cyclone Nilam. What to do because I was given a half day off from my office. Hmmm it was such a dramatic day, in spite of cyclone i started for office in the morning and made to my office some how as there was only wild wind not rains in the train. After I reached office all I could hear from every quarters of the office was about the cyclone warning given by Mr. Ramanan(The Head of Chennai Meteorological department) this morning in the news. Also many used google to know where the cyclone is as of at that instant and many were curious about the cyclone's land fall. Remember Just yesterday the land fall of a super cyclone Sandy(some call it frankestein, I hope I spelt correctly), in USA. They were virtually expecting the same to happen over Chennai what ever New York. I felt that was ridiculous because these are just human's conceptions, during any anxiety events like this. I started to work as usual and had this routine works till lunch. Once again i was cramped by the news of Cyclone in the lunch and these were rumours of Tsunami too that the cyclone could cause. All I could say was LOLZ and move on. Immediately after the lunch my boss said to vacate the office building and at that instant I was stuck in horror scenes of the cyclone whatever people around me were making scenes of. I started pack my bags and came to railway station where i used to board trains to home. Suddenly my dad called me and said Trains were cancelled because of Cyclone the trains were cancelled and I was forced to take a bus to home. But thank God the bus depot was at my walkable distance and I started to walk. At that I felt some one pushing against me and resisting to walk. Along with me some of my colleagues also joined my walk symbolising the team work. lolz...! Along the way i checked my satellite version of the map using my Nokia C5 to know the cyclone's path and get ready to face it. Then I boarded a bus which was free and had a great relief at that time, as I thought I was safe to some extent. On the way to home in the bus, I enjoyed heavy traffic, panic people(who were also left office like me), uprooted trees, wild windy roads, and unusual cold. Some of the photos i had captured are at the end of the post. During my travel to home I once got a call from my dad saying trees have been uprooted at many places reach home safely my son. All I could think now was All is well and I would reach home sooner than usual(for each man these used to be each feeling but today for all same feelings). One of my colleagues, called me and said He was heading to beach from home but visibility was very less it seems. :D He in am exception in this feelings list:-) lolz. Also this is one of my unusual fond memories which I could ever forget.

Come home once Nilam...!

Meet you all in my next Interesting Posts..! :) And WAIT....! Take a look at my photos down here :

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Navratri Special : Golu

The Period of Navratri is over for this year but the memories surrounding it is vast and can't be erased not that much easily. I visited some of my friends home for a special thing this year. I take pride in telling this. This is the only year I've visited and recorded in my history(who knows about this history...! Even I dont know), that I've visited a number of GOLUs.
Golu - in short we can say it as an arrangement of dolls and statues of Gods, toys(even barbie, If you want in this modern world but nothing vulgar), in a neat well planned arrangement design with some good innovative concepts. This takes nothing more than this. At the end of this article you can find some pictures i've recorded. This practice of Indians(till my knowledge, who knows even in some other countries too) is awesome and I can say this particular festival would attract small kids to arrange their toys in a neat way. Also I've come across about the behaviour of one of my close friends who used to have the hobby of collecting PILLAIYAR idols ranging any size and cost. I got attracted to this hobby of hers and I also started picking it up for her and I've collected Pillayar idols as like her. So this makes a good hobby too altogether. Ahem...! Coming back to the topic, this festival is so energetic in North India. I came to know about this from my colleagues in work place who used to dance DANDIYA during this fest in the temples at one particular day. Also there used to be union of relatives who were in long distance and can reach them at only special occasions like this. I've come across in temples also near my place where you can see Golu arrangement because of the spiritual idea behind this. Altogether this year - 2012, the Navratri season went to be a good one as far as i'm concerned and kept me working tight by visiting my friend's homes. Might be in next year, I'll be posting about the review of Golu kept at my home. (Fingers crossed).

Golu Spl Photos: 
Right Click and open in new tab for HD View

Monday, June 25, 2012

When City meets Town! (PART 1)

Sports persons have a very strong ego. City people have it too. They never say it out, but they all have it all the same!
Being chess players (this is the only field I know), we acquire by the habitual actions of the so-called "elite" company we get, some interesting peculiar character traits which can only be seen among chess circles.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Life At JPR Institutions

Click on the College Names to get directed to the Official Website

what do you have common for these colleges apart from students, staffs, buildings...? 
                                                         Its awesome food and placement for every meritorious student. Also JPR institutions are one of the leading all rounder institutions in the whole of anna university in every aspects be it games, sports, college ranking, students ranking, college infra-structure, teaching facilities, etc. These group of colleges are well known for the type of food they serve to students and everyone who enter the college premises during the food intervals... Also these group of colleges are established by the close friend of the former Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, MGR. The colleges are well established with good buildings for lab, class rooms, library, auditorium, mess hall, hostel, temples, mosque, church and even for conducting exams. The colleges have a good play ground facility also. The hostel, gym and internet room is separate for girls and boys. Mess hall is also separate for both genders. There are also both vegetarian and non-vegetarian foods on all days except friday(on which day only veg foods are served to all). Sports quota guys are given more preferences. Special rewards are given for top ranking students at each semesters to encourage them at academics.

Plus points:
>good infrastructure
>good placements
>good hygienic foods
>must board college buses only(to minimize
students in accidents)

Minus points:
>cell phones are strictly not allowed
>girls and boys cannot converse at college premises
>i pods and other music players are not allowed
>Tie and ID cards must be hanged down your collars
>pukka formals alone is allowed
>shoes are must

Some of the images of the college: 

Food during Festival times for ALL

St.Joseph's College Auditorium

Achievers Day Celebrations at night in the college

College Ground

Friday, April 06, 2012

"Thanneer Panthal", The Water Depots

Hi all...!!

Hope you all doing fine;)

Some days ago there was a news in the ruling party's channel Jaya Tv about combating the heat stress this summer. I came across an usual announcement from our Honourable Chief Minister. The announcement is to their party's worksmen and followers to establish "Thanneer Panthal"(i will call it as water depots) in order to combat the heat wave in the upcoming summer season (its already here :-( though). And immediately I thought that this announcement is just an announcement and has nothing to do with. But after two to three days, I came across many such 'water depots' and there were party men sitting within those newly installed stalls. The main aim of these water depots is to render not only water for free to all the people but also some other natural coolant like watermelons, etc.,.


The newly formed Government has a fire and desire in itself to rule the Tamil Nadu with all its power like an athlete who uses all his power to win the race with no second thoughts than winning it. Like wise our government also has the tendency to do so. But the upcoming power crisis also adds for an big minus against the government. It also look for the necessary steps to overcome the power crisis because its the mother and backbone of any electrical and electronic components in modern days world. The opening of kudankulam nuclear power plant problem also has a close relationship with this crisis, as the timed opening of it in November might have been a good step towards this. Its been a high time that the power plant be at operation soon with all its necessary precautions and steps for its well being factor. Also i came across an article that Government is planning some nice development plans along the kudankulam area. I see this step as the action plan to bring the people closer to the government.
Why i'm talking of this power crisis suddenly after i started with the 'water depots' ... ?

The reason is even solving the power crisis would be a nice and awful step towards combating Heat Stress and Disobedient Summer...

Lets hope for the best to take place ;)

see y'all :-):