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Friday, July 08, 2011

SRM University, Kattankulathur Campus

Hi all! :)
Cometh June and we see students running helter skelter for counselling! We all browse through all the colleges... in and around Tamil Nadu. All the 'College of Engineerings', 'Engineering Colleges', Universities, Multi Tech Colleges, High Tech Colleges, NITs, IITs, BITS and what not! But alas, not all of us
land in our dream colleges, if at all we have any! :) One valuable suggestion - whenever possible, try to visit some colleges to get a better idea! After all, you are jobless (vetti) most of the time after finishing HSC board exams! :D
Here in this post, I would like to give a brief account of the main SRM University campus at Potheri. You can decide better whether this suits you or not! :D

First of all, students and especially the parents of students often ask me this question... "This is a DEEMED UNIVERSITY right?" Even though there is a lot of difference, people still are not yet clear about what a UNIVERSITY means! A University provides UG and PG courses and awards degrees (like Anna University, SRM, Calcutta, Madras, etc.) and a deemed university is one which can of course design syllabus and conduct exams, assign fees on its own. But the degree is awarded by its parent university! Gone are the days when SRM was deemed! Now it's a university all by itself! And one more thing - the gap between NITs and CEGs and SRMs, VITs (Vellore) are decreasing. Visit SRM or VIT once and you would bet your hat on these universities nine times out of ten against Annas and their colleges! WAKE UP!
p.s. You are safe here! Don't worry... BEs and B.Techs do not make much of a difference, just the naming! AND the degrees are recognized worldwide!

On a lighter note, if you had tried for IIT and AIEEE entrances and failed, don't worry - you will have company here! There are plenty of them here who have achieved the same feat! :D

SRM provides wonderful infrastructure for almost all the departments (again, VISIT the campus, the main campus!) and the rules are very lenient, decent enough to run the institution successfully! Dress code is pretty easy... Except round neck (boys) T.Shirts and half-trousers, you can wear almost anything here! Of course, pyjamas are a strict no-no! Girls are also equally fortunate! Nothing much to say! You can enjoy here!
For the WELFARE of the students, there are many canteens! One in the main campus (UNIVERSITY CANTEEN), another adjacent to it, the by-now legendary Java Green, another university canteen (IT PARK), Biotech canteen, and many more small ones just around them! You can bunk heartily - you just have to maintain a 75% sitting attendance (they take attendance every hour - so you can calculate and bunk :D)! Use your maths skills to your benefit!!!

Remember to write the SRMEEE entrance of course! All Universities these days (SRM, VIT, Amrita) conduct their own entrance exams. So be aware of the dates! You will have your counselling in this auditorium...
A wonderful campus where all activities are updated in the website! (Without the website, SRM cannot exist!) Cell phones are inevitable in this campus - you just can't do without it! I remember our class in-charge writing his cell phone number on the board on the very first day of my college. You can keep 'it' in silent mode and enjoy during class hours. (If you get caught, shame on you! Doing SMS is not an achievement in SRM, it's a habit! Get used to it!)
Don't worry about ragging! SRM is STRICT against ragging! Having said that, don't walk alone to the back gate in your first semester...! If you do that, well... don't! I don't have a video camera there! :D Just love thy neighbour...! Form a group and go together for the first few days, just in case!
Studying in a University in itself is a great thing! University is not a college. There are many departments here. You get more responsibilities to face the world. By any wild chance, if you are a sports student like me, you will later understand better what I am trying to say. You get signature and permission from many HODs in the first semester and the second (basically the whole of first year) since first year is common to all! It's fun in itself! :)
If you are padips, please adjust! Be careful in first year. RELATIVE GRADING is followed here. 50 marks internal and 50 marks for end semester examination! You have some 10 marks for surprise tests, 10 and 10 for cycle tests, 20 for model exam (before end sem). All in all, you have to perform well through out! Since it is a BIG transition from school to college, it will take some time for you to get used to this system and you can easily get careless in the first semester... The time just whistles away as the semester is short! Keep your senses open! For normal people like me, you can pass.  Don't worry! :D "Passing is easy!" Thanks torelative grading, A+ grade is not 100! :) Whoever gets first mark, that is A+!!! Pass mark will be around 35, enjoy! That also, internals + externals you have to get to that mark. Hope you understand!
There is this temple to pray during exams!

SRM always has people from all over India. If you know hindi, it's great. If you don't know, it's fun for others. Learn soon!!!
I would very well call my experience so far in SRM... "LIVING IN SRM!" It's simply wonderful!
Welcome to all! :)

1) Many departments
2) Many canteens
3) Relative grading system
4) Computer type chairs to sleep in the classroom!
5) Well connected to city by bus and rail that helps in bunking! (Also encouraging)
6) So many free hours in first year that occur almost inevitably!

1) Classes will be sometimes in 7th - 12th floors. Lift available in IT park, but a big queue almost always exists! Takes time to get used to this routine. Never mind, you can always go late... or bunk!
2) Get used to walking long distances!
3) Learning hindi (for tamil boys and girls) but OPTIONAL! I don't know hindi yet! :D
4) Surprise tests (conducted sometimes without prior announcements)
5) Biology, Physics, Chemistry in first year for all departments! :D

Overall, the pluses are more! SRM rocks!
See you next time with another college round-up! Until then, happy hunting! :)


Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot!! :D

ak said...

You are welcome! :) Whoever you are! :D

Anonymous said...

ijoined srm university kattankulathur for bsc comp science ..wil there be ragging for me ? wil it be so severe ?

Anonymous said...

Are 1st year students allowed to bring laptops ?

Turan - Titan of Love said...

Ragging will be there... But I dont think so it will sos evere... It will be there just to make good friends :)

Kamalesh said...

Hi! I have joined SRM KTR Campus (CSE Department)
I am a day scholar and native of chennai. Are students here friendly or hostile? Are they approachable or rude?
How do you rate the faculty of CSE Department? Are they good enough?
What companies are coming to recruit from SRM campus for CSE Students?

ak said...

@ anonymous 1 : B Sc Comp Sci I have NO IDEA! Sry to disappoint you. I think u can find out! One thing i can tell u is, SRM gives u a lot of scope for adventure and learning. Spread ur wings (if i can call it that) and make efforts to get the maximum out of it! u ll find diff people! Have fun! Best wishes!

ak said...

@anonymous 2: Laptops and all - allowed! :D hostel and classroom

Anonymous said...

wi-fi available

ak said...

Of course!

rocknroll said...

Why did u say its nessecery to learn hindi ?? , its situated in TN right ?

Abhinav Srinivasan said...

is cell phone allowed?inside the campus?can we use it in the class room?

Anonymous said...

I have completed my plus2 exams and i am suggested to join srm is this a good choice ?

Anonymous said...

SRM University has been nominated for a 9 day visit to Japan from September 29, 2014 to October 7, 2014. Eight B.Tech Students who Studied Japanese Language at SRM have been invited by Japanese Embassy to visit Japan on the expense of Japan govt. This is an opprtunity for 3rd year students who are studying Japanese (LE0203 and LE0204). Criteria to nominate for the visit is, Students must have secured A+ in LE0203 and/or LE0204, A CGPA of 9.0 or above up to 5th semester, should have a valid passport, etc.


i am going join b sc hotel manage ment the cellphones are allowed in classrooms

ak said...

@anand: Yes, Mobile phones allowed.

ak said...

@rocknroll: Well many are from north India. It's not mandatory to learn Hindi, but it helps!

sri dev said...

How is the male - female interaction in srm, is the university lineant towards it ???? And what r the hangout spots outside the campus ????

Pragathi Priyadharsini said...

i m planning to join nanotechnology in can u tell me whether is it gud doing it in srm?!

Anonymous said...

I have joined genetic engineering in srm. I am not a good studying student. Can it be easy for me to pass with less effort?

GOKUL RAJU said...

first year student can bring laptops and mobiles

Anonymous said...

Pls help me..I hav joined in srm ktr ( cse) Where wil my class be ? in IT park?

Dipanjan Biswas said...

Will srm give laptops or we have to bring our own

pratham said...

Hey man just tell me that xbox's are allowed....

Anonymous said...

What are the college timings??

Anonymous said...

ive joined srm ktr software there ragging??

Anonymous said...

Hey :)
Really liked your description. Would like to know more. How is the curfew there? Too strict? Is there a local guardian required each time you need to step out of college if you are to be in the hostel? Can you give me the exact details?

ADin DAvid said...

Hello, bro,that gives me a goosebumbs!!!
I like genetics, so tell about B.Tech genetic eng., How is the coaching there?, Is SRMJEEE, the only way to join in G.EN.,or capitation fees will do? how much will they cost me?, etc...
Iam a good, no no, great drummer, so tell me what should i do in my 1st year to shine..

you could also tell me some ppl, who are currently doing G.EN., so that i could ask them more about it..

Thank You in advance!!!!

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